USA Grappling
The National Governing Organization

for the Sport of Grappling in the United States.

USA Grappling is a 501c3 that governs the multiple disciplines of grappling sports and hosts the selection for Team USA Grappling to send to the UWW Worlds and Pan American Championships.


  1. Provide quality opportunities for members to achieve their full human and athletic potential in a safe and clean training environment.
  2. Promote, expand, organize, improve, regulate and popularize the sport of Grappling.
  3. Promote the physical and mental health of the athletes, the importance of youth development, fair competition, respect, equality, cooperation, and friendship.
  4. Organize the annual Pan American team trials and World Championship team trials for Gi and Nogi.
  5. Implement the World Anti-Doping Agency Code.
  6. Promote the educational and charitable aspects of the sport, improving cultural and sporting relationships between the grappling nations of the world.
  7. Pursuing International Olympic Committee sport recognition and admittance as a competing event of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, and Deaflympics.